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Lamphey actually has a railway station with real trains stopping.   Not bad for a settlement of only 200 houses, really!   Check out how they are doing today here:     Plan your journey and book your tickets here:  - but when offered a choice of companies to book your tickets, don't use because they charge 1.50 to use a credit card, and the others don't.  
If you'd like to travel somewhere on the train, but can't make up your mind where to go, then let the man in seat sixty-one make some suggestions.   Bored with the Eurostar?   Then how about taking a sleeper to Scotland?
Pembrokeshire County Council comes to the rescue with timetables and maps with their 'hot link' - their words, not mine:,839,844&parent_directory_id=646&id=8460    Incidentally, I notice that for 5 for adults (less for children) you can ride around on the buses all day.   Great.  
Silcocks Coaches are one of the major local operators and though I'm not sure where it fits in, so is First:
Coach - enough said.
Find your way around with or if you are just a cartographer then look at Pembrokeshire County Council's mapping site: - though the controls take some getting used to.   See how safe our local roads are here:   And can someone tell me why they don't dual the A477 as far as the A478?   There have been far too many fatal accidents on this stretch in the past few years, and reducing the speed limit, and selectively improving the road surface are really just elastoplast.   The section close to St Clears desperately needs rerouting, and building a dual carriageway for those few miles will feed traffic much more safely to Tenby, Pembroke and the Dock, improving trade and accessibility, as well as helping with ferry traffic.
This is a good route if you want to go to Ireland;  if you time it right you can even get a ferry from Rosslare to France.  Ferries from Lamphey depart from nearby Pembroke Dock.   Here is a webcam for if you want to see the ferry when its loading:
Find live information about arrivals and departures for all UK airports here: and get some info on Cardiff Airport itself here:   There are also some interesting news items available about the airport:
Cardiff airport is great - people in my family have used it several times, including for visits to Jersey  by, Atlanta (via Amsterdam which is a great website for going just about anywhere) and  best of all for me, Galway.   The airport is easy enough to get to - you can be there in less than 2 hours by car.   However, it's also possible to take the train from Lamphey to the airport, though my tip here is to get off the train at the other end a bit smartish, because the transfer bus from station to airport doesn't hang around - and it's a great way of having a long weekend in Ireland in a city a tad better (in my opinion) than Dublin.   The people to talk to are
Lamphey's nearest airport is located in Haverforwest, though what a shame it is that KLM don't fly one of their linking flights from here. will charter you an aircraft, and is the place to turn to for a helicopter.    Incidentally, here in Lamphey we see quite a few helicopters, partly, I believe because they use Lamphey Church as a visual waypoint, but also because there is a landing pad at the Court Hotel.   Frequently, also, a red helicopter checking the pylons with a thermal imaging camera is to be seen:


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Last modified: March 26, 2007